Spooky Story Contest: First Place – Seven Deadly Bunnies and a Wolf

Eight fluffy bunnies bound through a door,
Never did they notice the blood on the floor.
The door slams shut in an instant,
Leaving the bunnies ever so distant.
What shall you do you ask?
You must complete a task.
There is a wolf amongst you, you see,
Uncover them to be set free.

A wolf amongst us they say,
Are we going to die today?

Eight frightened bunnies trapped in a cell,
None of them had bid a farewell.
A slow, quiet dripping in the background,
None of them seemed to have come around.
Bored and lonely as ever she is,
Ridiculously so she tried to be his.
Disgust adorning his little face,
He quickly set her into place.
Her head rolling across the tiles,
The other bunnies wishing to run miles.

Seven splattered bunnies sitting there cold,
No one seemed to be very bold.
Infuriated at his own kin,
The wrathful one decided to finally sin.
In a frenzy, he tackles another,
Only to fail and fall prey to his brother.
Ever so prideful the relative,
The one that didn’t let his beloved live.
How pitiful of the two indeed,
Rather sad that he would do such a deed.
Six little bunnies locked inside,
Their chaotic emotions all collide.
Weapons that they had agreed to share,
He took too much to be fair.

Envious does one become,
Do expect the worst outcome.
Gathering weapon after weapon,
Knowing that lacking would surely threaten.

They could only look,
As the two played the meanest crook.

Four bunnies refusing to race,

Only to witness a spear through avarice’s face.
The jealous one could not care less,
That he had left quite a bloody mess.
The other took that chance,
And into his desire goes a lance.
The envious one cackled with glee,
His cowardice telling him to flee.

Little did he know,

That he would soon lose his soul’s dark glow.
Three bunnies watched sitting still,
A scream they heard so very shrill.
Down went the avaricious one,
Never again will he see the sun.
The prideful one had a reputation,
To be able to enforce peace at any revelation.

Even if it sullies his hands,
He would carry out his plans.
Though greed was satisfied,

For it was his friend to have ended his sinful life.

Three little bunnies turned to the side,
No one was able to hide.
The whole time she sat in a corner,
Watching her friends murder each other.
Not able to stand it no more,
She curls up dreaming of gore.
The bunny stares at his best friend,
His pride unable to stand

Her absolute laziness that does not deserve,
To stand by his side in reserve.
Two silent bunnies could only watch,
As the bowstring let go of the notch.
Hitting its target with no effort,
The arrow now covered in bloodied dirt.
The conceited one finally tired,
It was only sleep that he desired.
Lying down on the cold marble,
He was soon to be an empty hull.
Burdening the loss of five friends,
His dignity puts him to a rest.

Three bunnies are now left,
Not in sight a single cleft.
Ever so silent was the bunny,

But it could not silence his grumbling tummy.

Glancing at the sleeping pride,
His drool he could not hide.
Slowly he lifts its head,

A single bite and he was dead.
The bones were the only vestige,
But he was still not pleased.
Just two bunnies remain,
Only one shall claim this domain.
The gluttonous one bit down on his lip,

He tasted his blood drip.
Lovely and sweet its core,
He began to devour more.
Oh, painful it was to devour oneself,
But there really was nothing left on the shelf.
Dropping dead in the blood of seven companions,
The last one didn’t take any actions.
Their objective completed without performing.
And in case you were wondering,

You smile.