Webb welcomes the class of ‘25 after a virtual application season


The Webb Admission Team

The Webb Admission Team uses Bitmojis to welcome prospective students.

As winter ends and spring begins, birds are not the only ones flocking to Webb. New students received their admission letters to the Webb Schools after a virtual year of application. The Webb Admission Team had their hands full with finding ways to keep the admission process authentic, while fully operating online. They successfully found a way to admit 149 new students, who are each a unique addition to the Webb community. 

Several changes were made to the admission process this year to give prospective students a comfortable compromise for not having an in-person application experience. The application for the 2022-2023 school year did not require students to take the SSAT or ISEE tests; various colleges likewise waived standardized tests for admission. By going test-blind, the Admission Team was able to focus on all the other factors that would make a great addition to Webb and ease the stress of the applicants 

The other huge change in this year’s process was going completely virtual for the application process. Prospective families were given online tours by admission fellows and admission ambassadors, who are all students currently attending Webb.  

Using a virtual presentation created by the heads of the ambassador team, Alex Wiersma, Admission Coordinator, and Owen Wolf, Associate Director of Admission, families went on an hour long Zoom tour through 22 virtual stops. Not only were these virtual tours a way for all prospective families to see and ask about the Webb campus, it also extended Webb’s reach around the world as the Admission Team virtually visited 75 schools and organizations during the fall. 

Apart from a virtual interview, students and families had “living room” chats or casual conversations from home that allowed students to show off current projects that they were working on. Another offering for applicants was a series of webinars with Webb faculty and Webb College Guidance, who helped plan informative sessions like Parent Information Night and the virtual open house.  

Going virtual allowed the Admission Team to be more versatile, and these webinars were a great way for Webb to make a collaborative effort with other boarding schools for a successful admissions year. Apart from Webbcentered webinars, applicants were able to attend webinars with other boarding schools and organizations to learn about the highlights of California boarding. Newly admitted students were also able to explore their future interests at Webb through the virtual Admitted Student Week during the week of March 22nd. 

Overall, Webb received over 900 applications and has admitted students from nine states and 13 countries. The newly admitted students exhibit a variety of different traits and talents that will contribute to the growing Webb community.  

“Our newly admitted students have high amounts of resilience, persistence, patience, passion for their interests, and excitement for building community!” said Dr. Jamila Everett, Director of Admission and Financial Aid. 

To give a little bit of an overview of the incoming students, the class of 2025 includes a poet and journalist, musicians, dancers, students involved in various technical ventures, students passionate about the environment, and so much more.  

These outstanding admitted students have achieved so much and have projects that the community can anticipate will continue to grow with the help of the Webb Schools. The Webb community welcomes these new students and thanks the Admission Team for their creative accommodations for this year’s notable application season.