Tony Lin

Often in his Yeezy slides, green jacket, and sports jersey, Tony Lin’s iconic fashion sense makes him easy to spot on campus. You can always catch a glimpse of him at open gym, his favorite activity, where he enjoys playing either basketball or badminton. Tony might show up half an hour later than he had promised, but his friendliness easily allows him to start bantering with other players the minute he arrives, bringing a lively presence, and distracting them so they all forget about his tardiness. When Tony plays with both AirPods in his ears, he is enjoying good R&B music from his playlist of more than 3000 songs. Apart from enjoying campus life, Tony likes to go off campus and get good food, watch movies, or sing karaoke with friends. Whether it is enjoying fresh oysters at his favorite restaurant in Santa Monica or visiting Luxy Karaoke six times a month and singing emotionally, Tony is the go-to person if you want to have fun and make the most of your time. As a Kirkhill resident (but Alamo resident at heart), Tony will miss playing 2K21, FIFA, Monopoly, and Uno in Ruddick as he leaves for college. Inspired by his ‘goddess, Ms. Haleftiras, Tony is considering pursuing Environmental Science or Psychology at University of Connecticut. Whatever Tony chooses to study, he will always be “teacher Tony, the loyal friend and mentor to his friends.  

Tony is a charming person that is passionate about helping others with their relationship problems. He is the best at cheering you up and one of the most supportive people I have ever met as he is always available in his dorm room for anybody that seeks help.”

— Eugene Guo ('22)