Black Mirror paints even more nightmarish futures in new season


Anjali Reddy, Editor-in-Chief

Although “Blade Runner,” “The Matrix” and “Battlestar Galactica” all stand out as cautionary tales about the way humans lose control over technology, none resonate more deeply than the widely popular British TV show, Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is a science fiction television series that focuses on modern society and the new technologies surrounding us. Each episode of “Black Mirror” — named for the way our screens look while powered down — paints a different nightmarish future.  

Different from other science fiction series that mostly deal with similar topics such as artificial intelligence or robots, Black Mirror delves into technology in a dark and satirical, yet brilliant manner that forces its viewers to sit down and truly comprehend a twisted but potential reality  

Since the series began in 2011, its message has evolved. Black Mirror first revolved around the problems with the media, which can be seen in episodes like “The National Anthem” (in which kidnappers coerce the British prime minister into unspeakable acts on live TV.) In later seasons it evolved to focusing on Internet culture. In “Nosedive”, viewers experience a society in which one’s welfare is tied to one’s online popularity.


However, with the release of season four, it is apparent all the episodes are just as, if not more twisted than their predecessors. The message of the season is the scariest yet- the digitalization of the human consciousness.  With all the dark messages and eerie storylines, season four lacks the standout episode that made watching all the other episodes okay. Season three’s “San Junipero” and season two’s “Be Right Back” remain hopeful and clear, proving that there can be a good ending in a dark world. It is not to say that endless misery can’t be delightful, but it tends to wear thin.

At the end of the day, Black Mirror still remains admirably true to its roots. It continues to demonstrate true genius in its warnings, and with a more modern take on the precautions for our future, we can only dream about what horrors will come our way in season five.