Here’s a peek into the lives of your favorite child stars

Take a second and remember what your life was like ten years ago. You would come home from a long day at school and sprawl yourself over the living room couch. Your sole priority that evening and the only thing that kept you going through that dreary school day was coming home to your favorite stars. Whether they were on Disney channel or Nickelodeon, you loved them all.  

But, have you ever stopped to wonder that while you were growing up, your favorite stars were too? Did you realize that they did not just stay the same age, in the same relationships, doing the same things all of these years trapped in the television or on your DVR. Instead, they have flourished just like you and are now following different paths in their lives.


Dylan & Cole Sprouse

After his time on Disney Channel starring in the hit tv show “Suite Life on Deck,” Dylan and his twin brother Cole seamlessly transitioned into adulthood. They enrolled at New York University with Dylan studying video-game design and Cole studying photography. According to Vulture, from there, Cole went back to pursue his love for acting as the character “Jug” on the CW’s adaptation of Riverdale. Dylan, on the other hand, found himself working at a coffee shop in the East Village. Imagine your surprise if you saw the ex-Disney Channel star pouring your latte on a Tuesday morning. But, being a barista is only one of his passions. He spends most of his time working in collaboration with the gaming world, from an upcoming RPG video game to playing Dungeons & Dragons, and now even developing his very own animated fantasy-series. Dylan Sprouse found his love in college and was able to make it into a career. In recent years, Sprouse has found himself taking on a new project; he plans to open a Williamsburg bar in Brooklyn, the All-Wise Meadery, in a few months.


Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff’s time in the spotlight was anything but easy, from grown men stalking her to women tearing her apart for being overweight. Duff was not satisfied with her acting career so she began writing. According to Life Buzz, she published the book Elixir in collaboration with Elise Allen. The book became extremely successful, making it onto New York Times best-seller list as #10 in Children’s Chapter Books for one week. Within the same year, she married professional hockey player, Mike Comrie, and two years later, the couple had a beautiful baby boy named Luca. However, unlike in Duff’s many films, their marriage did not have a happy ending. In 2014, the couple announced their split, and in 2015, Duff filed for a divorce. Duff loves to contribute her time to philanthropies and donated 250,000 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Duff plans to release an album that emphasizes a darker, deeper tone and she hopes this album is able to truly encapsulate life.


Victoria Justice

Most famously known for her roles in Zoey 101 and Victorious, Victoria Justice seemed to have taken Hollywood and the music industry by storm at a very young age. According to the Gazette Review, since those young years, she has found herself behind a microphone instead of a camera. In 2013 she released her first single titled “Gold” and eventually released several more thereafter. When she was not on set or in a studio, she dedicated her time to volunteering and working with the United Nations Foundations as well as the Children’s National Medical Center. But, all good stars find their way back home and you can catch Justice on many movie and television screens, including her most recent film Outcasts.

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Here’s a peek into the lives of your favorite child stars