2018 March Madness Brackets


Skyler Rivera, Editor-in-Chief of Social Media



The 2018 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament tips-off today at 9am. Students around the Webb Community filled out brackets in hopes to predict the 2018 champion. Take a look at who students favored and why they chose their champ! (Stay tuned for more March Madness coverage by The Webb Canyon Chronicle.) IT’S TIME TO DANCE!


J.J Cunningham ’19


“Duke has an easy path to the Championship and Kansas is a weak 1 seed. Duke is also a top to bottom deep squad.”


Tyler Crebs ’21


“Virginia is going to win because their 31-2 record is amazing! They definitely have what it takes to beat Villanova.”


Laura Haushalter ’21


“I chose Arizona because my grandfather went there and whenever I go to his house we watch Arizona Athletics, so I want them to win.”


Jackson Bibbens ’18


“Virginia will cap off their dominating season by smothering Villanova’s offense in a low-scoring game.”


Justice Thomas ’21


“Virginia will win because they want to get revenge on Villanova from the last time they faced each other.”


Skyler Rivera ’18


“Virginia is going to take the cake! They have been a powerhouse all season and their offense will overwhelm Kansas’s defense in the National Championship game.”