How to deal with spiders in the dorm

Although many students are scared of spiders, the ones commonly found in the dorms are usually harmless. The only spiders students should be concerned about are tarantulas, black widows, wolf spiders, and grass spiders. However, tarantulas are rarely found in homes because they prefer to make their burrows outdoors. Here are six ways to deal with the various spiders you may come across.

The good old shoe approach
If you care too much about your shoes
If you do not want to feel the spider getting crushed
For the noble and brave
For the squeamish

For those with arachnophobia

Cathy Yan, Co-Editor of Features

Ask your roommate, friend, or on-duty faculty to help you get rid of the spider. If you are scared the spider will disappear while you leave your room, ask your roommate to keep an eye on it or call someone to help you remove the spider.

If you see a tarantula in your room

Cathy Yan, Co-Editor of Features

Although unlikely, tarantulas can crawl inside houses. If this situation does happen, call Webb security at 909-762-2604 or the faculty on-duty.