Annual Webb Idol dances into Hooper


Dancers and dorms are paired together for a dance bonanza!!! Graphic Courtesy of Emma Lin (’20)

Webb Idol is an annual event in which VWS dancers, usually from the dance show, and the WSC dorm prefects work together to choreograph a dance for each pair of WSC dorms. For more information on the pairings, check the infographic above.

Gil Dominguez-Letelier (‘20), a dancer in the 2019 dance show and an annual participant in Webb Idol, is very excited for this year’s performance. He said, “I think I’m in one of the best dorms because we have a lot of great dancers. I also love dancing! I’m not great at it but I still love it and it’s fun to dance with the whole dorm!”

Webb Idol is not a mandatory event for boarders, but it is highly encouraged by the prefects.

Head of WSC Freshman Dorms Kris Smith-Reichartz (‘19) believes that boarders should participate in Webb Idol because “it’s a tradition and gets the boys out of their comfort zone while helping improve their dancing skills. ”

Furthermore, this time-consuming project creates a unique bond between the VWS choreographers and the WSC dancers.

Anjali Desai (‘21), who is choreographing Alamo’s Webb Idol dance, said, “Webb Idol is really fun because you get to see the bonding [between the dancers and the boys] and all the hard work that we have put in in such a short amount of time.”

This year, Webb Idol will take place on February 20th, 2019 at 12:20 p.m. in Hooper. Don’t forget to support your friends and check out all the hard work that they have put into their dances!