Controversies over Bandersnatch


Bandersnatch is the new viewer interactive movie and the first of its kind.

On December 28th, 2018 the new movie Bandersnatch was released on Netflix. Bandersnatch is a part of the Black Mirror series, but is the only movie released by the makers. The episodes typically have to do with science fiction, psychological thrillers, and satire. Bandersnatch is the first movie to have a choose your own adventure timeline.

The movie is based on a teen boy Stefan who is a video game writer trying to finish his game code. The main attraction and hype around this movie is the fact that the viewer picks different storylines to change responses and actions of the main character. Each decision the viewer makes throughout the movie changes the storyline.

By the end of the movie, there are five main possible endings, but each has multiple variants to them. While watching and rewatching the movie people get stuck in an endless loop of going back and trying to fix where they messed up and hit a dead end. But that is part of the fun that you get to go back and fix your problem or where you messed up to actually finish the movie.

There is some controversy over whether Bandersnatch is a movie or a video game. Some people believe it is a video game because it is interactive and you have to play along to actually watch it, even though it was released on Netflix as a movie. Many studies point to the fact that playing active video games is better for mental health that just sitting and watching TV. These studies show that people who play active video games typically have an easier time making split-second decisions and have better attention and memory. For the people that think Bandersnatch is a video game then it would be good for your mind to play according to this data because you have to constantly pay attention to the movie to decide which path you choose will have a better outcome.

Bandersnatch is the first movie of its kind and Black Mirror plans on making more movies like this where the viewer chooses their own storyline. There is controversy over the “choose your own adventure” type storyline. Choseco LLC has sued Netflix for 25 million dollars for rights to the choose your own adventure. It is claimed that the two companies have been negotiating for a few years but never came to an official agreement.