Five tips to surviving the rainy season


The rainy whether that hit Webb hard in the months of February and January is anticipated to continue into early March. Graphic courtesy of Gracie Reda.

Southern California has been raining on and off since the beginning of January 2019. On average, the Inland Empire receives 17.2 inches of rain per year; however by the end of February 2019, we are estimated to have a total of 10.63 inches of rain.

Rainy seasons are not uncommon for Southern California; however, much of the strongest showers and winds have been hitting the Inland Empire the hardest.

Because of the cold and wet weather, here are five tips to help you get through the rain and seasonal depression.

Tip 1:

Seasonal Depression is real. Also known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder), this common kind of mood change can be caused by a shift in seasons, often associated with the winter. Because Southern California often stays sunny and cool, the dark rainy weather can easily affect students on the Webb campus, especially those who are not accustomed to the rain. During the chilly season, try and make the most of it by curling up with a blanket, turning on your favorite movie, and getting a warm drink from a restaurant or the dining hall. Because it is dark, it is easy to want to take long naps in the rainy season. Just remember to plan out your homework schedule and keep yourself occupied during the day; too much sleep can sometimes make you feel worse.

Tip 2:

It is NOT fun to walk around in wet clothes and socks! Remember to dress according to the weather. Jeans are probably not your best bet. Try a pant material that dries quickly. Remember that layers are your friend. If possible, layer up on your pants; wearing leggings or a similar kind of tight pant under your regular pants may help trap the heat. Invest in some kind of rain boot. Vans are great, but there are plenty of other cute boots that will save your feet from the cold and gross feeling of wet socks. Finally, a light waterproof windbreaker is always a safe bet. These jackets can go over a hoodie or shirt and keep you as dry as possible, without sacrificing any fashionable look you may have wanted to go for. Umbrellas are a nice touch, but can also be a hassle when you do not want to bring water into your car or dorm, so think carefully if one is right for you!

Tip 3:

Food. It is very easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits in the cold weather. Foods that can be identified as “comfort food” are often nice to eat during the stormy season. Mac’n’cheese and bread are warm foods that are easily made and accessible. However, tying into the seasonal depression, eating healthily can really help improve your mood. Trying the soups and the teas in the dining hall is a great way to keep your body warm and not too worn out from the easily accessible carby food.

Tip 4:

Keeping warm is one of the most important parts of surviving the rain! There is no shame in bringing a backup outfit if you get too drenched throughout the day. Boarders, one helpful tip is throwing the clothes you want to wear in the dryer on a lunch break. Before you go back to class they should be warm and dry enough to put back on before your final class. Day students should not be afraid to go to their last class in a new dry hoodie, or to ask a boarder friend to help dry their clothes. If you are in a rush, even a hair dryer can work well. Sometimes this trick is even good if you just want to feel a bit warmer before you step out into the storm.

Tip 5:

Finally, try and keep a positive attitude, and look on the bright side. Turn on a movie with friends, finish your homework, or listen to your favorite music. The rain will pass, but in the meantime, get excited. All of this rain is helping California’s massive drought and giving you more free time with a majority of afternoon-activities canceled!