Sophomores plan Sadie’s Dance


Kaitlyn De Armas ('21)

The sophomore class creates posters for the Sadie’s Dance.

Every year, the VWS and WSC sophomore classes come together to plan a spring dance. This year, the current sophomore classes worked to make this event one of the best dances yet, coming up with new ideas for the venue, food, music, and activities. They began organizing a plan in early February for the dance that took place on Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m..

The event has been called the Spring Dance in the past, but this year it was officially known as Sadie’s. Sadie Hawkins is usually the dance where girls ask guys, but the sophomore class did not want to keep these boundaries. Anyone could ask anyone to this dance, for the class wanted to focus more on making this a fun community event without the issue of going with a date.

Sonsoles Cardalliaguet, the VWS Sophomore class lead advisor, and the sophomore class presidents, Jake Sharifi (‘21) and Shannon Uppal (‘21), spearhead the planning committee. Anjali Desai (‘21) also volunteered to take a leadership position in organizing and publicizing the dance.

In the past years, the sophomore dance was held in the Ruddick Room near the upper dorms, but this year the students decided that it would be held in Hooper. Hooper provides a larger venue for more activities to be held inside. This choice in venue prevented uncontrollable issues, like the cold weather, from negatively affecting the dance. Hooper gave the dance a more lively environment, similar to Casino Night.

Anjali said, “I feel good about this years Sadie’s because we put a lot of effort into every detail like entertainment and activities for people who don’t really want to dance.”

An assortment of snacks were available to those in attendance, such as cookies, pastries, brownies, chips, and cheeses. There was a photobooth, music, boba, and video games in the Student Store. There were also special performances by London Tyck (‘20), and Mobtyze. This year’s Sadie’s dance revolved around an outer space theme, so there was a black light and glow-in-the-dark stars shining throughout the venue.

Jake said, “I’m happy with how the dance turned out aesthetically with decorations and food; Mobtyze was great and I was happy that they came out to perform for us. I just wish that there had been more participation.”

The class of 2021 put in a lot of effort setting up and planning this year’s Sadie’s dance with entertainment, snacks, and music to make sure that it was out-of-this-world.