Dress classy but shoot cheesy: Kingsman 2 movie review


Kingsman vs. Statesmen, can the Brits and the Rednecks cooperate? Caption courtesy of 21st Century Fox

Jay Gupta, Staff Writer

“Kingsman 2”, starring Channing Tatum, Taron Egerton, and Colin Firth, hit theaters across the United States, on Friday, September 27, 2017.   Matthew Vaughn directed the movie, which grossed $116.4 million worldwide on opening day, easily recouping its recording budget of $104 million.

The Kingsman are a secret and independent group disguised as a tailor shop in London. The action engages the reader early in the movie, with the Kingsman office being blown up, and Eggsy, the former Kingsman recruit missing the explosion by chance.   Throughout the film, Vaughn surprises the audience with thrilling action scenes, such as the scene where Eggsy is first discovered by the Statesmen.  In addition to the enthralling action, Vaughn does a particularly good job of drizzling humor throughout the attention-grabbing film.  

There is a powerful message hidden beneath all the action and humor.  Through his film, Vaughn speaks out against drug use, and he advocates for sympathy for those who have made the mistake of using drugs.

Vaughn conveys his message by using satirical humor. For example, Tatum portrays the Statesmen Agent Tequila who is an American redneck with a thick southern accent, a love for spitting, and a penchant for drinking.  The Kingsman, on the other hand, portrays a “civilized” sort, wearing suits, and drinking fine champagne, with heavy English accents.  

The recurring jokes that draw on stereotypes, which are prevalent in society today, please those who are looking for comedy.  Also, the top-notch special effects and fighting scenes appeal to those looking for action.  

“Vaughn’s “Kingsman 2” features a variety of action scenes, such as the battle between Eggsy, Hart, and Agent Whiskey, placing them in the correct spots, without overdoing anything.   

All in all, “Kingsman 2” is an excellent film, which conveys a powerful message through a succinct balance of satirical humor and special-effect filled fighting scenes.