Sunny Yu

Webb students relish different relaxation techniques.

How to stress less in the new decade

School just resumed and the voices of stressed-out students are already echoing on campus. At Webb, stress often dominates the conversationfrom the revealing of stress in dreams to a week designed to de-stress students. Webb students live a high-paced life that only seems to come to a halt during long breaks

Although we live in a high-stress environment, there are many ways that we can relax, take a breath, and be productive. Aside from stressing less by taking advantage of the various resources including the Forest App, office hours, and evening labs, here are eight tips for students to relax and de-stress themselves.

Play a sport
Let creativity flow
Eat well
Indulge in the world of music
Use the weekends well and have some fun
Get organized and make a plan
Explore nature
Stay positive!