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Students climb over rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park. Graphic Courtesy of Emily Wang (’21).

Arts Collision

For art lovers, the Unbounded course Arts Collision was a once in a lifetime experience filled with adventures from every part of Southern California. The trip started in Joshua Tree National Park where students explored Native American art and chatted with professional painter Blair Maffris, who used to teach art at Webb. Together, they explored a few caves and sketched scenes inspired by the beautiful outdoors. On the second day, the Webbies drove down the street to Pomona College to learn about art and music. They also had a chance to explore the Claremont Village and play with ceramic paintings, which will be showcased at the upcoming Art Café. The trip concluded with an exploration of music and film in Los Angeles as students got to tour a recording studio and walk around Paramount Studios. Webbies were introduced to real-world applications of art in music, film, and costume design.

Explore everything. After Unbounded, I’m willing to try all new forms of art—painting, photography, ceramics, everything!”

— Emily Wang ('21)