Alice Hou

If you hear the newest Tyga album blasting on the weekends, Alice Hou is probably chilling with her friends in the dorms. From being the co-head of the International Student Liaison to the co-captain of the varsity cross country team, Alice has left an unforgettable mark on the Webb community with her contagious laughter and positivity. After moving from Hong Kong to Claremont during her sophomore year, Alice not only got to know her best friends (Jenna, Doris, and Mia), but she also got to make some crazy memories, like accidentally setting off the fire alarm in South Hutch because she forgot about boiling porridge in a pot. As a big fan of the tight-knit Webb community, Alice has enjoyed organizing Jubilee with the ISL members. Next year, Alice will bring her passion for visual arts across the country to Cornell University to double major in Art History and Economics; she hopes to work at an auction house after she graduates from college.

Even though Alice orders all-tofu poke bowls and gives us weird looks when we eat all of her wife cakes that she brought all the way from Hong Kong, I love her for hyping us up for every little thing that we want to do, no matter how stupid it is.”

— Doris Yuan (‘20)