London Tyck

It is Friday during lunch and Fawcett Library is hosting the weekly performance series. You walk inside to see a large crowd in the back. Everyone is jumping up and down to Webb’s, and possibly Claremont’s, best rapper, London Tyck. When the mic is in his hands, you best believe that he will be dropping the hottest bars you have ever heard. Besides dropping mixtapes, London also serves as a member of the Honor Committee and plays basketball. If he is not busy with school work or leadership duties, London can be found practicing basketball or catching up with one of his favorite shows, Westworld. A highlight of his Webb career was attending Prom as a sophomore and wearing a comic book themed tuxedo that caught everyone’s eye. While moving on to the next chapter of his life, London will miss Webb’s community and the amazing people he met and became close friends with. He is not sure where he will be going to college in the fall yet, but he envisions that in his future, he will be a sports journalist or a basketball coach. 

“Despite being the hardest rapper in the game and the most notorious heartbreaker on campus, London is the nicest person you will ever meet and will constantly go out of his way to make sure your day is better.” ”

— Cayden Lazier (‘20)