Webb students given a look into the legacy of Rumi


Feraidoon Mojadedi came to The Webb Schools to share the teachings of the poet, Rumi

Ryan Vidales, Editor of Sports & Publisher

 On Friday, October 13th, students of the Honors Global Literature course at Webb were given an all-access pass into the teachings of Jalal al-Din Rumi, known simply as Rumi. In conjunction with the Humanities Department and Mowjood Endowment, educator and expert of Rumi, Feraidoon Mojadedi, delivered a 45-minute presentation on the meaning behind Rumi’s teachings and stories.

Mojadedi, a well-known and respected lecturer from the Bay Area, was born in Afghanistan in the 1970s. Rumi, who lived from 1207-1273, was born in Balkh, which is located in present-day Afghanistan. Rumi also did most of his teaching in Konya, a part of modern-day Turkey. Cultural and religious aspects connected Mojadedi to Rumi from a young age.

Throughout his presentation, Mojadedi explained the complexities that make Rumi such an intriguing figure in the world of poetry. From a young age, Rumi was said to be an intellectual beyond his years. Mojadedi told a story about Attar of Nishapur, a popular author of the 12th century, who once had a conversation with Rumi’s father. Attar said, “Take care of [Rumi] because he will start a fire that will annihilate the heart of every lover from the east to the west.” This God-given ability to teach and spread love made Rumi the popular poet he is today.

In a world centered around materials and clout, rather than love for oneself and others, Mojadedi opened the eyes of Webb students with his address about Rumi. Ryan Place (‘18) speaks about the message evoked by Mojadedi saying, “He helped me better understand the message behind Rumi and who he really was. Spreading a lot of peace and love is something we need in this world.”

As a teacher, leader, catalyst, and storyteller, Rumi continues to inspire humanity with love-driven messages. With Rumi as a model, the Webb community can prosper under the laws of respect, peace, and coexistence.