Winston Li

As a freshman, Winston Li impulsively spent the $120 he had in bitcoin to buy a speaker that could produce 120 decibels. While this memory is one that Winston laughs at now, it highlights his spontaneous personality and absolute passion for good music, especially songs by Clairo, his favorite artist. During his time at Webb, Winston fully dedicated himself to the WSC water polo and swim team, leading the swim team as the captain his junior and senior years. He loves hanging out with his friends Matthew Gaw (‘21), Johnny Zhang (‘21), Roger Yen (‘21), Logan Zhang (‘21), Leo Cheng (‘21), Max Fargo (‘21), and Gregory Tolmochow (‘21); some of his favorite memories include blasting music in the Lower Jameson shower stalls and biking to the Claremont Village to get Jamba Juice. Winston will leave behind his identity as a Gaul to become a Johns Hopkins Blue Jay this fall. He is excited to go to school in Baltimore and explore the city, but he will miss his old friends at Webb and, even more, the dining hall coffee in the large dispensers. In five years, if you see a last-minute sign-up for the biathlon race in the 2026 Winter Olympics in Madrid, it might just be another one of Winston’s spontaneous decisions!

Though Winston may sometimes seem like a quiet person, he is actually very sensitive and caring. He can always sense when I’m stressed or sad about something and is there to comfort me. He is also an avid movie critic, and we have a lot of fun giving movie suggestions to each other.”

— Jonathan Zhang (‘21)