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From left to right: Jenny Wang (‘24), Emily Li (‘24), Eleanor Hong (‘24), and Stratton Rebish (‘24) show W-C-C with their hands during the 2024 prom reception. Our 2023-2024 Head Editors have been the driving force and inspiring leaders behind the Webb Canyon Chronicle.
Which WCC Head Editor are you? Vol. 2
Elena Petrova and Leia Albornoz | June 10, 2024

Discover fun facts about them in our quiz and find out your hidden journalistic personality!

 Surrounded by many of her favorite friends and vinyl, Neria Spence (’24) enjoys her last day on deck in Fawcett Library. ”Neria always lights up Friday lunches when she DJs. The positive space around her set will be missed,” Pristine Thomas (‘25) said.  Neria sorted through her favorite vinyl and got picture-ready to commemorate her last day.
Neria's last day on deck
Berklee Antecol and Leia Albornoz | June 3, 2024

Walking past the library on a day DJ Spence is on deck is sure to make you want to go inside and join...

May 30, 2024

2024 Senior Issue Meet your Class of 2024 Valedictorians and Saludictorians College Map 2024 Senior...

Andrew Barrantes (‘25) the founder of Bluebird watches a rocket test. Smoke whizzes through the nozzle as the pressure builds up, though a small thump echoes across Chandler field as the nozzle explodes. “Our current rocket design has about three kilonewtons (300 kilograms) of thrust (upward force), and were hoping to get it built, hopefully, by the end of the school year,” said Andrew. This is why Manas Brahmbhatt (‘27), Charley Zhang (‘27), and Andrew have banded together: to build, test, and fire the first high school liquid fuel rocket.
Bluebird Rocket Program thrusts into action
Phillip Park and Eric Luo | May 30, 2024

Move over SpaceX! Webb’s very own rocket program is slowly, but surely moving toward a real rocket...

Pictured above, Jonathan Li (‘25), Aaron Yang (‘25), and Tyler Liu (‘25) all travel to Texas to attend the VEX Robotics World Competition. Out of 13,000 registered teams, these three Webbies were able to come out on top, qualifying for the world competition. “It was very exciting, competing in our local competitions and qualifying for the world competition,” said Aaron.
Junior robotics team dominate at VEX Robotics World Competition
Ben Madanski | May 29, 2024

In the heart of Texas, a state notoriously known for everything big, a trio of bright minds from Webb...

With less than a week left until move-out day, Grace Zhu (‘25) begins to pack items in her room. To create an efficient packing process. Grace begins by re-organizing her room to see what items will not be needed in the following week.  After collecting her things, Grace begins to pack away these items. “I’m trying to organize my items based on categories to help me move out,” Grace said.
How boarders are preparing for the end of the year move out in the dorms
Sydney Morales | May 29, 2024

As you run down gym hill, you’re filled with bittersweet emotions: you’ve just said bye to all your...

Standing in front of the Jackson Library, Stephanie Ma (‘25), Co-Editor of Opinion and honor council member, ponders over Neria Spence’s “Disband the Honor Council” Hot Take Tuesday. Disagreeing with the hot take, she decides to respond.
HC Corner part 2: response to Hot Take Tuesday “Disband the Honor Council”
Kathy Duan, Copy Editor | May 29, 2024

As HCs, we believe in the importance of the honor council to Webb’s disciplinary process.  Recognizing...

Lauren Gutierrez (25) begins to pack her chaotic Jameson room. With an assortment of miscellaneous, the moving process appears as a lengthy and tedious one.
The perfect guide for a Webbie to move out
Yuki Layman and Lauren Gutierrez | May 28, 2024

Some may say finals week, AP testing, or leadership interviews are the most stressful parts of the year....

Hot Take Tuesday, Vol. 2
Hot Take Tuesday, Vol. 2
Stratton Rebish, Stephanie Ma, and Berklee Antecol | May 28, 2024

Sophie Lin (‘26) sits in the common area of Jones dormitory with a guitar on her lap, writing a song. Music is a shared interest and hobby among many Webb students because it can easily resonate and connect with different people. “I really appreciate the beauty of melodies. I can express myself freely through music.” said Sophie.
Columns and Series
How to write a song
Stephanie Ma | April 19, 2024

Perhaps your last heartbreak had you crying on the floor. Or a messy conflict tore you apart and you...

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Columns and Series
Arts Adventure
Arts Adventure
Optic Nerve: Art, Light, & Installation
Optic Nerve: Art, Light, & Installation
SoCal Marine Life
SoCal Marine Life
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Long tables are placed in the library to accomodate for AP tests this year. Every year near the end of the school year, the library is closed off for hours at a time for students to take their AP tests.
What happened to AP classes?
Stephanie Ma | May 27, 2024
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Caution tape was placed near the library to make students aware of the bees near the library. The Fawcett library was swarmed with bees during long lunch on Monday, March 18th, which triggered an evacuation of students. “I was sitting in the library as this was happening and probably within 10 minutes I was evacuated,” Mirabel Raphael (‘24) said. “They told me that I had to leave through the back door. I felt like I was escaping from some kind of emergency.”
Bees return to Fawcett Library
Elena Petrova and Stephanie Ma | April 16, 2024
Student researcher Elaine Tang (‘24) created a comic for the Fossil Fest to explain the two ways fossils are formed in a tarpit. “I chose to explain my research by comic because there are a lot of kids coming to the [Fossil] Fest,” Elaine said. “They are all very interested and even painted on my comic with their favorite colors.” Fossil Fest is one of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology Discovery Day events during which scientists and museum visitors are invited to celebrate paleontology.
Fossil Fest celebrates science across communities
Chloe Wang, Social Media Manager | March 30, 2024
The infamous flag that sits in the middle of the quad blows viciously in the wind. After the January 2022 windstorm, waking up to high winds had many Webbies stressed. As many Webbies trudged down to class they were met with the sight of the flag blowing everywhere and leaves hurtling at their eyes. “It was very distracting because I had to carry a lot of papers for IPC,” said Michael Albornoz (‘26). “It was bothering me it kept blowing my papers and bending them all over.”
Windstorm harkens to 2022 incident
Berklee Antecol, Editor of Opinion | March 27, 2024
Kate Donez (‘24) and Naomi Kang (‘24) sign back in at the Taylor B. Stockdale Community Center after leaving for long lunch during the day. As the privilege states, seniors may sign-out between 11:50 am-1:15 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays for long lunch off-campus with permission. Permission can only be granted from Dean Lantz, Dean Rosenfeld, or Dean Tadeo. “I think most privileges are for boarders since we had less freedom to begin with,” Naomi said. The privileges nevertheless provided flexibility for both boarders and day students, like going off campus in the middle of the day, to enjoy.
Seniors take over campus with new privileges... or do they?
Lisa Peng, Editor of Photography | March 21, 2024
Jimi Hendrix standing in front of Montagu Place W1, famous hotel in London.
Jimi Hendrix and The Politics of Artist Celebrities
Neria Spence | April 29, 2024
From left to right: Hezbollah and Hamas fighters; Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme leader of Iran; the Iranian “Woman. Life. Freedom” protesters. Hezbollah and Hamas are two of the many proxy forces of Iran dedicated to resisting Western influence in the Middle East. While Khamenei fortified his influence in the region through proxy forces, a protest movement surged within Iran, revealing deep domestic discontent and shaking the power of his regime.
Ali Khamenei fuels Middle Eastern wars
Elena Petrova, Copy Editor | March 30, 2024
In Beverly Hills about a hundred people came to honor the memory of Alexei Navalny on March 1st. On the day of his funeral ceremony, Russian emigres gathered in cities around the globe to hold vigils with Navalny’s portraits, flowers, white-blue-white flags, and many loving messages from his supporters. “I have never met a person who had such a profound belief in the freedom of Russians as Alexei,” said Vasya Oblomov, Russian musician and political activist, sharing his story of friendship with the politician at the gathering.
The death of Navalny through the eyes of a Russian political activist
Elena Petrova, Copy Editor | March 21, 2024
Student loan borrowers rally near the White House for Joe Biden to cancel all student loans. Biden, pictured left, is troubled with diminishing popularity with youth as he fails to forgive all students loans as he had promised. “[Biden] kind of fumbled things even though he tried with student loan forgiveness,” said Cory Warren, humanities department faculty. “That was [the] number one campaign promise to get the youth vote.” Whether it is student loans, age, or foreign policy, what, ultimately, drives away the youth vote for Biden?
The presidential popularity paradox: why is Biden unpopular among the Democratic youth?
Kathy Duan, Copy Editor | March 7, 2024
Hot Take Tuesday, Vol. 1
Hot Take Tuesday, Vol. 1
Stratton Rebish, Editor-in-Chief | February 27, 2024
With the growing industry of filmmaking and movies, what caused their decline in quality? In recent years, more and more remakes and sequels came into sight in the cinema, but the original ones are beginning to disappear. These sequels can be identified as IPs. “The IPs establish a solid audience that will be attracted to this movie as long as it is the same IP,” said Joy Li (‘24). Is money-making the dominating idea in movies nowadays? This might be the reason that we see a trend of decline in movie quality.

Credit: The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Wonka, Barbie, Elemental, Mulan, Wish, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Oppenheimer, and Avengers: Endgame.
The downfall of the movie industry
Eleanor Hong and Lisa Peng | January 20, 2024
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Starting pitcher and fourth in the batting lineup Ayan Kaushal (‘24) receives wise words from catcher Mikey Pino (‘26) to help kick off the game with a quick inning. Kaushal, this years baseball team captain, communicates with his catcher with confidence and calmness to ensure that all throw calls are understood and the inning goes by smoothly. The WSC Gauls played a strong first playoff game against Calvary Chapel, winning in the last inning 4-3.
Webb Baseball Erupts with a Comeback Season
Nicolaas Grobler and Ethan Normann | May 22, 2024
Sophomore catcher Mikey Pino (‘26), who has already logged 17 hits and 16 runs with a season batting average of .436, extends his arms as he drives the outside pitch to right field for a double, putting the team in a great position to score. “I have felt really good in the box while hitting,” said Mikey Pino (‘26), “Recently I feel like I cannot get out, I feel amazing”
Webb baseball charges ahead in playoff run
Troy Seanoa, Ethan Normann, and Brandon Arteaga | March 29, 2024
Senior wrestler, Ken Lin (24’), goes up against one of the many wrestlers who attended this year’s wrestling CIF championship. Out of 30 members on the wrestling team, only four upperclassmen and 4 other members qualified to participate in the CIF wrestling tournament. “This year was a pivotal year for Webb wrestling,” said Eric Hansen, VWS and WSC wrestling coach and humanities department faculty. “This year, our team has had the most members [it’s ever had], and suddenly, the possibilities felt bigger.”
Wrestling team smashes the season
Ben Madanski, Staff Writer | March 10, 2024
Nicole Sampson (‘26), shoots against an opposing team, while an eager audience awaits the outcome of her shot. As Webbies reminisce on the team’s remarkable progression through CIF, the question of how this team made it this far begins to appear. “Everyone on the team gets along, and with new people coming in and stepping up in leadership, we have really good shot at CIF next year,” Geniya Parker (‘26) said.
Core principles drive VWS basketball team
Gianna Darden, Staff Writer | March 9, 2024
WSC varsity basketball head coach Micheal Dunford coaches his team on the sideline, directing each player exactly what he wants to see out on the court. He sends in substitutes to have a fresh lineup on the court, replacing all the starters.
WSC Varsity Basketball keeps fighting through the season
Nicolaas Grobler | January 25, 2024
In preparation for the incoming volleyball season, Jacob Zhang (‘26) practices serving the ball during the WSC Clinics. Despite the ascent to Les Perry Gym, prospective students interested in playing Volleyball this Spring will have to make the climb. “Volleyball clinic was a great way to get to know the players on the teams and coaches and to work on my skill,” Samantha Crawford (‘26) said. Whether it is the VWS or WSC volleyball clinic, the experience serves as an important building block for all players.
WSC volleyball clinic prepares players for domination
Gianna Darden and Ben Madanski | January 23, 2024
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Science & Technology
Behind the door of the science office, the Mission Statement for the Webb Schools Science Department reminds students and teachers of the purpose and priorities of Webb’s science department. The statement emphasizes empowering students to be global citizens with the intention of serving their community. Looking at the mission statement, increasing diversity in the workplace aligns with this message, encouraging female students to take advanced courses.
Why do no girls take physics? An in-depth study of STEM at Webb
Stephanie Ma and Kristine Bisgaard | March 16, 2024
Students gather in the Fawcett Library to discuss the next steps of WebbGPT. Members of the WebbGPT team will begin meeting during office hours and flex time. “I would love for students to help me out, and you know, weve got some pretty cool things planned,” said Mr. Mantha.
Students aid in the introduction of WebbGPT
Lauren Gutierrez and Yuki Layman | March 8, 2024
The Honor Cabinet members placed posters all over the dining hall and the tables. The posters read, “Don’t use tech! Try to connect!” to promote conversation. “So many posters were published around campus as a way to launch the initiative in a noticeable way,” said Frannie Hinch (‘25), an Honor Cabinet member. “the main goal of the posters was to remind people that by not using their tech they would form better communities.” This campaign serves to help remind Webbies to have genuine, face-to-face conversations with each other instead of connecting through technology.
Initiative to connect without tech!
Berklee Antecol and Sydney Mildon | February 21, 2024
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