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Stephanie Ma

Stephanie Ma, Staff Writer

Whether it’s a chord on the guitar, a tune on the ukulele, or a note on the violin, all three waft their way out of Stephanie Ma’s (‘25) dorm room in Jones. Self-taught in two of the three instruments, Steph finds comfort in music. Whether it’s listening to iconic Taylor Swift jams or chart-topping Olivia Rodrigo songs, both fill up her playlists and late nights. Inspired, Steph’s talent took on Swift’s "Fearless” during Jubilee, where she shared her voice and music for Webbies to enjoy. Always exploring how to put on a show, Steph also dabbles in theatre and theatre tech. When she is not catching up on work or strumming a song, Steph loves to get lost in conversation with her friends, talking about anything and everything. During longer breaks, she visits her home in Hong Kong to be with her family and relax in her hometown, making sure to visit her favorite restaurant, Wai Wai Sushi. Just like being on stage, Steph views the WCC as a platform to share her skills with the community in ways she has not done before. As a budding staff writer this year, she hopes to use her voice in another form, searching through the different sections to find what she is most passionate about. Learning from the lessons of Swift and Rodrigo, Steph continues to strengthen her talents, not worrying about being “Enough” because she is “Fearless.” 

Favorite Song: “Enough For You” by Olivia Rodrigo 

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