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About our Policy

The policies listed below are to guide and encourage readers to respond to content on the Webb Canyon Chronicle. We encourage interaction and support student voices on our publication.


  • Readers should leave respectful comments.
  • Different perspectives and collegial criticism are welcome.
  • Comments should address the article.
  • Brevity is encouraged
  • Comments are approved by the Webb Canyon Chronicle Editorial Staff and may be denied if the comment:
    • Misrepresents or targets a person or willfully makes false statements
    • Includes inappropriate and/or explicit content
    • Violates copyright


  • Readers are welcome to submit story ideas or completed pieces including articles, comics, and blurbs.
  • By submitting content, you agree that:
    • The piece is your own work
    • The Webb Canyon Chronicle can publish your content
    • Your content is not hateful nor misleading
      • No person is misrepresented or targeted
      • Content does not include malicious links or coding
  • Submissions will go through a 4-step editing process
  • Items submitted anonymously or under a pseudonym will not be published
  • Please email submissions to [email protected] in a Google Doc. Be sure to include your name and grade.

Letters to the Editor

  • Letters to the Editor are welcome to be submitted.
  • Contact information for the editors can be found on the staff pages.
  • The same submissions form is used for Letters to the Editor.


  • When corrections are brought to the attention of the staff, they will be reviewed and appropriate change will be made and noted on the website.
  • Please email corrections to [email protected]
  • Corrected posts can be found here.


  • Editorials are written by the editorial staff.
  • Editorials represent the opinion of the Webb Canyon Chronicle.
  • Editorials reflect on current events as well as significant issues relevant to student concerns at the Webb Schools.
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