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Seniors take on new responsibility for the 11th Annual Winter Dance Show

Jovana Luna
Leia Albornoz (‘25), Berklee Antecol (‘25), and Anna Zeng (‘25) practice choreography by Amy Wang (‘24) in the Copeland Donahue Theater in preparation for this year’s Dance Show, which is just less than a month away.

Webb’s dance program is out with the old and in with the new. As the 11th Annual Winter Dance Show approaches, Webbies anticipate a fresh take with the arrival of the new Head of the Dance Program, Daria Kaufman 

Although many of the elements will remain the same as in the other shows in the last decade, this year, there is a twist: eight seniors have been given the opportunity to choreograph a large portion of the show.   

“I wanted seniors to choreograph because I wanted to get to know what people are interested in right now—what dance in high school looks like at Webb,” Ms. Kaufman said. “Also, the show is really for the students; they only perform it twice. I didn’t want it to be about me and my material. I wanted it to be more for them as an outlet for their expression.” 

In past years, seniors formed groups and choreographed around three minutes for each, with assigned songs decided by Michael Szanyi, former Head of the Dance Program. This year, each group will now be presenting an impressive 10 minutes of original choreography.  

All three groups take inspiration from the overarching theme of “Renewal,” but each is unique in style and genre. Unlike the years before, choreographers also have full artistic liberty to bring their visions on stage, making their own choices with music selections, props, and costumes.  

“As we are in the middle of college applications and other schoolwork, choreographing so much of the dance can be a lot to do, but it’ll work out in the end,” said Joy Li (‘24), a dancer in the show.  

The formation of separate groups gives students the ability to create and learn choreography in a genre that they are particularly interested in. For example, dancers who specialize in the style of hip-hop joined a rhythmic-based group.  

Group work also minimizes stress, giving students more time to perfect smaller portions of choreography as well as breaks between songs in the show. Here is an exclusive sneak peek into what each group has planned:  

Group 1  

This first section of the dance describes metamorphosis. Senior dancers Emily Li (‘24), Michael Fu (‘24), and Joy Li (‘24) each created choreography for designated sections inspired by the different stages of the metamorphic process: the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the birth of a butterfly.  

“Each choreographer has their own style, so we’re experimenting with lyrical and experimental dance,” Joy said.   

Group 2  

Amy Wang (‘24), Jovana Luna (‘24), and Jackie Shugert (‘24) choreographed a total of three songs in various styles of pop, ranging from K-pop to Latin pop. Their high-energy, fast-paced, and rhythmic styles bring vibrant life to the stage. 

“I think there’s a lot of different styles in the show, which is something that we haven’t really seen at Webb so far,” Jackie said. 

Group 3  

As triple threats, choreographers Jenny Tran (‘24) and Sydney Becker (‘24) envisioned their section to use elements of dance theatre to tell a meaningful narrative. They use each song in their 10-minute performance as different scenes that make up a larger plot.  

“Having 10 minutes really allows us to communicate a story rather than the three minutes which limits how much we can convey to an audience,” Sydney said. 

The seniors’ crucial role in creating unique and engaging choreography makes this year’s dance show a true reflection of their creative expression. Be sure to catch these performances on February 2nd and 3rd! 

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