The upcoming 10th Webb Dance Show is a must-see performance


Anna Zeng (‘25), Wendy Chang (‘23), Danielle Salako (‘26), Leia Albornoz (‘25), Amy Wang (‘24), and Season Li (‘23) confidently group together in formation during the rehearsal of their small group on Liu Cheung stage.

The Webb Dance Company surpassed the expectations of many in last year’s performance as they adjusted to an abundance of restrictions. Can they do it again? As the annual Winter Dance Show approaches in early February, the performance is building up to be impactful in new ways this year. 

This upcoming dance show will mark the anniversary of Michael Szanyi’s, Head of the Dance Program, 10th Winter Dance Show at Webb since his first show, What Lies Behind, in 2013. 

Last February, the Alf Museum was transformed to allow our dance team to perform due to COVID restrictions. This year the dance show will return to the Liu Cheng Theater, which will be the first time since 2020.  

“Once I watched the dance show my freshman year, I immediately knew I wanted to join dance, and due to COVID this will be my first time performing in the theater; it’s definitely a game-changing factor,” Gabby Diaz (‘23) said. 

The afternoon activity attracted an extensive amount of interest this year, with over 40 students initially signing up for dance.  

Currently, the expected dates and times of the performance are February 3rd and 4th at 7 p.m., however, the release of ticket sales is not yet confirmed.  

Although much information regarding the performance cannot be revealed at this time, Mr. Szanyi is using this dance show to push himself out of his comfort zone and explore unfamiliar areas of choreography.  

“I’m really excited as this show has given me the opportunity to reflect on my work from the past ten years and celebrate my journey through this program with the Webb community,” said Mr. Szanyi. 

Through hours of practice every day and the commitment of all the dancers, the show is progressing on schedule to the final date of performance as the cast transitions from the dance studio to the theater for rehearsal. 

“In some ways, I think what makes this year’s performance different is that it’s a return to the first dance show; we’re back in our space to create something new and challenge ourselves with risks,” said Mr. Szanyi. 

Like many dance shows in the past, elements of the show hold a deeper meaning than what meets the eye, so the audience is often encouraged to consider what certain songs, settings, and props may symbolize.  

“I always find it fascinating how the performance is almost like a puzzle, and the audience begins to put the pieces together as the show progresses,” Gabby said. 

If you are looking to attend Webb’s Winter Dance Show for the first time, prepare to be immersed in modern numbers with a multitude of genres. Unlike most traditional dance teams, Webb’s dance company is open to dancers of all styles and known for its welcoming, low-pressure environment.  

“As a senior, this will be my first winter dance show at Webb. After I saw last year’s performance, I regretted not joining dance, but I am so happy I get to perform this year,” Marina Saeger (‘23) said.  

Each year the dance show manages to impact the Webb community in an inspirational way, and this year should be no different. Even if you may know nothing about dance or are an expert, the upcoming Winter Dance Show is a performance you can’t miss.