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Sohum Uppal

Sohum Uppal, Staff Writer

Sweet-tooth Sohum Uppal (‘25) is a sucker for a slice of chocolate cake and might even be persuaded to show you his spectacular rock collection if you give him a lollipop. This tri-sport athlete joins the publication as a staff writer, excited to report on international new that impacts the Webb community. Sohum is also a mathematician, enjoying the satisfying patterns numbers create, and celebrating every time he finds the solution to a difficult problem. He could be characterized as a daredevil, if you consider riding the most thrilling rides at amusement parks to overcome his deathly fear of heights brave. Even more dangerous, he is a natural cat whisperer but ironically has an allergy to cats! Sohum has two goals for his first year with the Webb Canyon Chronicle: one, to imitate a character from his favorite franchise, Despicable Me, and be as ambitious with producing articles as Gru was when he shrunk the moon, and two, to inform the student body and develop a taste for interviewing his classmates.  

Favorite song: “Oogway Ascends” by Hans Zimmer 

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Sohum Uppal