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Olivia Cooke

Olivia Cooke, Staff Writer

Olivia Cooke (‘24) shares many characteristics with one of her favorite characters, Elle Woods. As an upbeat, persistent, hard-working, and supportive person who sees herself becoming a lawyer, Olivia is excited to join the Webb Canyon Chronicle as a staff writer. After spending the summer working at a thrift store and raising funds for an animal shelter, she hopes to initiate a club that invites students to serve the outside community. Olivia can be found watching true crime shows and reading about criminal justice, a hobby that she looks forward to studying in her Honors American Crime and Punishment class. Olivia likes to live by one iconic line from Legally Blonde: “Passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of life.” Like the quote suggests, her passion strengthens her resilience when encountering obstacles in academics and extracurriculars. She embodies the spirit of the quote when participating in discussions, as well as when she plays soccer for the VWS team or her club, Manchester United. In her free time, Olivia unwinds by watching horror movies such as It or Halloween, listening to T.V. Girl, or practicing her tennis serves. During her first year at the publication, Olivia plans to compose enticing articles and grow more confident in her writing.  

Favorite Song: “Marion’s Theme” by John Williams  

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Olivia Cooke