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How to find a part-time job as a high schooler

Alejandro Fountain
As an employee in a moving company, Alejandro Fountain (’24) packs away all kinds of household items, ranging from a lamp to a refrigerator. Although he worked in the blazing heat for hours, he says that the payment in return was worth the effort.

“Things didn’t always go my way,” said Alejandro Fountain (‘24), who faced the rejection of dozens of companies before finally landing a job at Del Taco.  

Since 2000, the number of teenagers who have had a job during high school has dropped by 15%. A job is hard to come by as a student with limited availability and no experience. However, it’s not impossible with some persistence. 

First, determine what environment is best for you depending on your skills and preferences. For example, if you enjoy customer interaction, consider working in retail or as a restaurant server.  However, if you lack experience, having flexible standards and an open mind increases your chances of finding an employer.   

If you plan to work during the summer, be aware that many businesses have already maximized their workforce, as a surge of high school and college students with free time actively seek jobs. The process of applying can span several weeks, so the earlier you begin searching, the better. 

Alejandro found more success when he shared more information with companies. Create a resumé with your contact information, educational background, and a list of soft skills that showcase your work ethic, such as problem-solving. If you have never had a job, include volunteer work or extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership.    

Most companies either field applications on their website under a “Careers” tab or use job searching platforms like Indeed. The reality is, you will likely not hear back from the first place you look into, so don’t limit yourself to the number of positions you apply for. 

“Two weeks after applying, follow up with the employer to ask for an update,” Alejandro said. “Visit the place in person or call their number to ask if they’ve seen your application. If you put yourself out there and show enthusiasm, you’ll look diligent.”  

Employers interested in hiring you will schedule an interview to decide if you are suited for the job. Most companies ask, “Why do you want to work here?” and “What does your availability look like?” Do research in advance to learn more about the business’s needs and values.  

“It definitely took a while to finally find someone who would hire me. But once I had finally been offered a job, all my work became worth it,” Alejandro said.  


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