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Jenny Wang learns the chorus dance for “Super Shy” by Newjeans by playing its choreography video on her laptop. A second-semester senior eager to learn new skills before the school year ends, she finds dancing to be a fun, enriching, and challenging pastime. “I’ve been watching tutorials on Little Red Book [a Chinese equivalent of Instagram], practicing individually in my room, and asking friends for advice on how to improve,” Jenny said.

How to learn K-pop choreography

Emily Li, Chief of Media
February 20, 2024
After careful cultivation, your dorm can transform from an empty room into a perfect place for you and your expression. After all, you’ll always come back to your dorm after a bad day or an exciting event.

How to decorate your dorm room

Kristine Bisgaard, Staff Writer
February 19, 2024
Hanbo Xu (‘25) and Leia Albornoz (‘25) sit side by side during a long lunch in the Fawcett library. On the left side, Hanbo is diligently working on his physics homework, and on the right side, Leia is procrastinating on schoolwork by scrolling through Instagram reels. Social media and technology are one of the easiest ways to procrastinate. “I concentrate and stop procrastinating by setting a 15-minute timer on Instagram and putting my phone outside my room,” Hanbo Xu (‘25) said.

How to stop procrastinating

Stephanie Ma, Co-Editor of Opinion
February 18, 2024
Jonathan Li (‘25) is hard at work within Room 1, one of Webb’s various study spaces in the Fawcett Library. The room is just one of many quiet niches that populate the campus, located everywhere from Stockdale to the Ruddick Room in the Upper Dorms. “Staying focused on a task is a lot harder when you are working with your friends or surrounded by distractions,Jonathan Li (‘25) said.

How to start your homework

Phillip Park, Staff Writer
February 17, 2024
Garry Zhang (‘23) cleans up tools from the science department. He cleans up after conducting a lab for his organic chemistry independent study project. “I enjoy science from both the fun and phenomenon and experience seeing the reason behind why things do work,” said Garry. As he washes the science materials, he talks about his interests in his fascination for science.

How to find your passion

Sydney Morales, Social Media Manager
February 15, 2024
Personalized dishes like the French toast allows for someones personality to be showcased.  “French toast is a relatively easy dish to make; you only have to make sure to not burn the toast, but other than that, this is a dish to be enjoyed by your loved ones,” Yilia Han (‘26) said. The French toast pictured above meets no boundaries, making it a very popular dish in many restaurants and family breakfasts around the world.

How to make French toast

Ben Madanski, Staff Writer
February 12, 2024
Jared Heuck, a curator at the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology, works with Sage Montgomery (‘26) to inject glue into a large femur with a syringe. Heuck employs syringes to improve the structural integrity of specimens by filling in extra cracks with paraloid glue. “Part of my job as a curator is also conservation,” Heuck said. “We have a number of glues that we use depending on the specimen and formation, but the goal is to make sure the specimen is consolidated and secure.”

How to prepare a fossil

Eric Luo, Co-Editor of News
February 11, 2024
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