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SPOOKTACULAR Activities this Fall!

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Credit: Pixels 

This year’s Homecoming dance took place during Halloween weekend on October 28th. It was at the Balboa Pavilion in New Port Beach. The Atlantic-themed dance started at 6:30 p.m., with buses leaving Webb’s campus at around 5:30 p.m.  

Prior to Homecoming, Ken Rosenfeld, Dean of Campus Life details what students would see. “There’ll be a little reception here before we load the buses. And then on-site, there’s full dinner, buffet style full dinner, there’s going to be full dessert bar. Drinks. – yeah, the whole shebang. And the photo booth and DJ too, all the good stuff.”  

The week October 23rd to 27th was Homecoming spirit week, each day with predetermined themes for students to dress up to. Students also asked each other to the dance by creating decorative posters; the most liked proposal on Instagram allowed the winners to avoid the $89 ticket fee and go to the dance free!  

Halloween at Disneyland 

Credit: D23 

 Running from September 1st to October 31st, the entire Disneyland Park, resort, and downtown area are sprinkled with Halloween decorations, seasonal foods, and exciting entertainment. Located about 45 minutes away from Webb’s campus in Anaheim, California, Disney is an accessible weekend adventure for students. While it may not be as scary as Knott’s Scary Farm or Halloween Horror Nights, it still has its niche attractions and a limited-time parade. Briar Rose Tirpak, registrar, dorm head, and Disneyland super-fan, said “her favorite Halloween Disney tradition is the limited menus with the delicious trick-or-treat churros. She continues to highlight the exciting changes, like the Haunted Manion ride turning into The Nightmare before Christmas.” The fall festivities are coming to an end, so make sure to grab tickets soon!  

Zombie Apocalypse 

Photo: Jenny Tran (‘24) 

Every year, to celebrate Halloween, Webb’s peer advisors host Zombie Apocalypse for the entire student body to participate in. It is no surprise that this year the tradition returned and began at Crossroads with continuing throughout campus. This event took place on Friday the 13th at 6:20 p.m. At the start of the game, the peer advisors handed out glow-in-the-dark bracelets, which represented a player’s “life” throughout the game. However, there were a few changes from previous years. “It’s going to be rubber band bracelets that are glow in the dark so that people cannot buy glow sticks in order to cheat,” said Xajani Badkar (‘24), a peer advisor. “Obviously, all of the spots have changed.” . As students answered the clues and headed to the locations, the PAs, who were the zombies, chased and tagged them. There were three ways to win this game: the person who collected the most wristbands, the one who collected the most stamps from the locations while remaining alive, and the most creative cheater.  

“It was fun and exciting seeing how everything turned out and seeing the final winners,” Xajani said.  “It was such a great turn out!”  

Knotts Scary Farm 

Photo: Catherine Shen (‘25) 

Knott’s Scary Farm, most known as Knott’s Berry Farm, is an annual Halloween event that takes place from September 21st to October 31st. In Buena Park, about forty-five minutes out from Webb’s campus, is a theme park that hosts rollercoasters, creative shows, haunted mazes, and scare zones where the actors attempt to frighten the visitors with costumes and makeup. This park is an experience more on the scarier side, but there will still be rides open and festive limited-time treats! Based on past Webb students’ reviews, this sure is a place to go with friends during the fall time, as there is so much to experience. “My favorite and the scariest maze was Room 14,” Ken Lin (‘24) said. “I would definitely recommend.” From the mazes to jump scares, this spine-chilling event is sure to be an experience that is worth the money! 

 DSP Fall Social

Caption: The Day student Prefects after successfully hosting the Fall social in the gym after taking down the blow-up movie screen

Photo credit: Kevin Wang (‘24) 

 The DSPs hosted this year’s fall social at Faculty Field on Saturday October 21st. Starting at 5:30 p.m., the day student prefects planned for food trucks to visit campus that sell street food and boba. The day student prefects planned the event to be a movie showing of Coraline in the gym. If one is uninterested in watching a movie, there was also a pumpkin carving competition with prizes, fall-themed crafts, and snacks including “I like pie” pies and candy that was served throughout the entire event. Many prefects were happy that the DSPs and dorm prefects will be collaborating this year for Halloween. “It’s the first time for a social like this that other leadership groups are helping out, which is great to see!” Kevin Wang (‘24) said. 

Webb’s Haunted Tours 

Photo: Arthur Lu (‘24) 

Photo caption: The dorm prefects work hard all afternoon to set up the spooky tour on the softball field. Pictured are tents where many prefects lurked, waiting for naïve webbies to walk by to scare. 

If the Fall Social wasn’t spooky enough for you, the Dorm prefects hosted Haunted tours from 6:30 to 9p.m. that ran through the softball field on the same day.   

This year, the dorm prefects walked students through the Addams family estate where “something dangerous and mysterious lurks” said Arthur Lu (‘24). 

While there was a time crunch as Homecoming landed on Halloween weekend, which is when this event is usually held, the perfects managed to work around it and collaborate to make the events run smoothly. So, this year, ISL’s, Day student and Dorm prefects dressed in their scariest outfits and worked on their bloody makeovers all throughout the day so that when the clock hits 6:30p.m. they were able to scare their fellow peers to death! This tradition has been popular in the Webb community and was a hit this year. 

Halloween Horror Nights 

Photo: Berklee Antecol (‘25) 

Photo caption: Troy Seanoa (‘24), Jordan McCray (‘24), and Fia Lin (‘24) at the main strip of Universal’s Halloween Horror nights, where scare actors await them in the smoky mist.  

Halloween Horror Nights is an event held annually at Universal Studios Hollywood where the park sets up horror mazes from September 7th to October 31st. Each year the park has different mazes, and this year, they feature themes of Stranger Things, Chucky, The Last of Us, The Exorcist, Evil Dead Rise, and the terror tram with the Exterminatorz theme. However, the mazes are not the only way that Horror Nights manages to scare you; spooky characters stalk about on the main strip of the park on the upper level throughout the night. Even if you do not want to get scared, there are plenty of other things to do at Horror Nights, like trying the limited-edition Stranger Things’s Scoops Ahoy ice cream stand or rides that are kept open throughout the night. “My favorite part was seeing how scared my friends got at the mazes even though they weren’t that scary,” Jordan McCray (‘24) said. 

Spooky Movie Night 

Photo: Pinterest 

If you missed any of these events, or did not feel like going out of your way to catch a thrill, consider that issue the least horrifying thing this October. You can always stay in and watch a scary movie! Whether it is alone or with a few friends, watching Halloween and horror movies is the best part of the spooky season! Frightful room decoration and themed cookies will surely make your movie plan with friends more festive. Some new horror movies you can watch this year are Saw X, Totally Killer, Haunted Mansion, Insidious: The Red Door, The Nun 2, and Scream. If you prefer less scary classics, we recommend Coraline, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, and The Addams Family. This Halloween there should be no fear of missing out on the season’s spookiness with these amazing Halloween movie recommendations.  

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