Guardians of Galaxy Volume 3

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise will make its return to theaters May 5th with its third volume. This film will follow Peter Quill and the rest of the guardians after Avengers: Endgame in a battle to defend the galaxy one final time. The film will also expand further on the guardians’ newfound friendship with Thor, and Peter’s search for Gamora. Marvel fans have been waiting for this movie since Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two came out in 2017, and with the new trailer being released, fans predict a bittersweet ending for the beloved guardians.  

Though fans know they are in for an emotional finale, they are still excited to hear some of their favorite oldies on the new soundtrack for the movie, as the franchise is well known for Peter’s iconic mixtapes. Personally, I can’t wait to sob my eyes out while Escape (the piña colada song) plays in the background. 

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