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Syrah Russell

Age: 23

Height: “5’6” on a good day.”

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Fav Song: “There’s so many favorites.”

Fav Movie/Show: The Office

Fav Food: Sushi

Department: Math

Classes: Integrated Math Two and Statistics

Degree(s): BS in Mathematical Economics and MS in Education

Alma Mater: Scripps College and UC Berkeley

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Pets: “I want one.”

Fav Book: The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Guiding Philosophy/Words to Live By: “Mistakes are how we learn.”

Previous Job: “I’ve been teaching for a while.”

Most Embarrassing Moment From HS: “I turned in a Journalism assignment and my teacher hated it so much that he threw the stapler at the wall and walked out in front of the class. It was aggressive, I think his exact words were, ‘This is just like the Titanic; it’s alright for a while and then it just sinks.’ It hurt my heart.”