Taylor Crawford

Bryan Oglesby (‘23) defends Isaac Naren (‘23) during their practice game in preparation for their senior game which was canceled.


Record: 1-6

Amahl Thomas, head football coach:
Challenges: “Our first challenge was just making sure that we had good leadership. We lost some good leaders last year, with that we had people that hadn’t been in that role. It turned out okay.”

Successes: “But I will say this, that game we won at Silver Valley was probably the best win we’ve been involved in because we had a lot of things going against us. 0-5, fall break, middle of nowhere, freezing cold, so many reasons to not play well. The team was fighting, and eventually won.”

Highlight athlete: “Bryan Oglesby (‘23), David Hastings (‘22), Bradyn Wishek (‘22), Troy Seanoa (‘24), Ayan Kaushal (‘24), and Nick Grobler (‘24) have all done really well this year. All in all, the sophomore class has been promising, and our future looks bright.”

Bradyn Wishek (‘22):

Challenges: “It’s just in the good nature of football to get hurt: rolled ankles, sprained thumbs, and more. It’s tough working through that, but all the guys here are really tough.”

Thoughts on the season: “So far, this season hasn’t been what we wanted it to be. Our record is not where we wanted it to be, but the resilience I’ve seen out of these guys makes me really proud.”

Favorite memory: “I think my favorite part of the season was the Silver Valley game we won two weeks ago. Personally, my favorite part was my pick-six (interception into a touchdown).”

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