Nicole Rabadi

Camille Casper (‘24) serves in a past home game against Western Christian.

VWS Tennis

Record: 8-9

Ron Martinez, VWS tennis coach:

Challenges: “A challenge this season was COVID, of course. People were out of shape this season because of a year off, so it was a challenge to get everyone back and ready for this season.”

Successes: “A success this season was putting together a solid season after having a year off since many of the senior players are gone.”

Highlight athlete: “Sarah Balanza (‘22) improved a ton this season.”

Mariia Lykhtar (‘22):

Challenges: “As a team, it was hard to coordinate a lot because it was hard to take a lot of players from JV and have doubles switch their partners because a lot of seniors were injured. Personally, it was hard to play three matches a day and balancing schoolwork with tennis.”

Thoughts on the season: “Personally, I feel that I was able to practice different playing styles because I’ve played against a lot of different kinds of players. The team grew a lot closer and that helped us develop better communication.”

Favorite memory: “I really liked how everyone cheered each other on during important games; it’s not a specific part of the season, but a great habit our team has, that helps us win overall.”

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