Lucas Cardenas

Students watch a musical performance from “Brian May” (Nick Protich), the legendary lead guitarist of rock band Queen. Throughout the unbounded course, young technicians worked to save Brian May, and the whole world, from a terrible fate.

Tech Challenge

As hundreds of bright-eyed Webb students clad in swimsuits or carrying overnight bags rushed towards their buses, a few students gathered in a quiet classroom. While saving marine mammals or learning to land a plane are noble pursuits, the students on the three-day day Tech Challenge unbounded were tasked with something much more important: stopping the end of the world. In collaboration with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May, the young technicians solved puzzles and learned technical skills instrumental to their quest to save the planet. On day one, they studied, watching video after video about the skills they would need to master in the coming days. On day two, they practiced those same skills in real life, learning how to solve cyphers, build miniature encryption machines, and even sauter. After days of training, day three was their time to shine: the students put their newfound mastery to work, and successfully saved the world! To thank them, Brian May put on a special air guitar performance, which, in a fittingly climactic moment, set off all the smoke alarms in the library. 

“I enjoyed it a lot, and the plot designed by the Tech Challenge staff was awesome,” Eric Bi (‘25) said. 

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