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From left to right, Alyssa Xu (‘24), Kristie Ma (‘24), and Jolina Zhao (‘23) stroll around the quad in front of Fawcett Library. Like many other students, the trio wears layers of clothing to keep warm in the winter season. Even with the cold environment, each student’s personal style shines through their chosen tops, bottoms, and accessories.

Winter fashion at Webb withstands the cold weather

With cold weather spreading around Webb’s campus, students can be seen bundling up to keep warm this winter season. Despite the extra layers, winter fashion is in full force as students begin taking beanies, puffer jackets, and fuzzy socks out of their closets. Even with temperatures below the average Californian winter, some students still wear their usual shorts or T-shirts to get through their day. With a range of outfits displaying a person’s style and their ability to withstand the weather, winter is undoubtedly Webb’s best season for a fashion showcase. 

Take a look at some of the trends sweeping through campus: 

Sweaters and Tops
Pants and Bottoms
Shoes and Accessories

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