Hanson Hu

The philosophical theory of experientialism states that the most valuable source of knowledge comes from personal experience. Hanson Hu, for instance, had never thought of accessing his martial arts expertise from his childhood memories in Guangzhou, China, until he performed in Webb’s Winter Dance Show in February. Illuminated by the spotlight, he steadily executed the moves of Tai-Chi before returning to the group dance and successfully completing the show. It is these little but memorable experiencesmoments of stepping out of his comfort zone, moments away from “academic edification,” and moments of bonding with other people — that Hanson cherishes most about his time at Webb. From getting excited about normal activities, such as ordering food with his friends on Tuesdays, to being Alamo’s crucial rapper and performer during the annual Webb Idol, Hanson is striving towards the experientialist goal of living life to the fullest. Although he was an awkward freshman who studied all day, socialized little, and even got into trouble for Ubering out of school, he eventually learned to open his heart to the Webb community as an integral member of the honor council, chapel council, debate team, and golf team. Hanson hopes to continue his community involvement at Stanford University, where he intends to major in philosophy and history with a pre-law track, but he is flexible in trying a variety of subjects that pique his interest. After all, no matter what adventures the future holds for him, these distinct experiences are ultimately what makes him Hanson.

Hanson doesn’t really complain a lot. He never says anything bad that happens in his life unless it is attributed towards this one thing: golf. He would be like, ‘Bro, I missed my golf shot by two inches, two inches!’ and rant about everything else afterwards. If Hanson doesn’t have a bad day in golf, then he complains nothing about how his day went. All bad things happen in golf.

— Jordon Sun ('23)

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