Zac Wang

The best way to describe Zac Wang is that they are Zac Wang: many things but never a follower. When others may do things for the trend, Zac does what they are passionate about, one of which being caring for the environment. Every day, Zac rides a bike to school, but watch out, if you do not park your bike correctly, Zac will get mad at you. Do not worry though; Zac will always offer to help fix your bike. More so, they take their love for the environment to the preservation of native plants, thus founding the Native Plant Society and growing gardens at Webb. They not only enjoy doing their part in helping the environment but also cherish the friends they made with similar interests. Zac brought their knowledge of the environmental sciences to the infamous bees STAS debate, in which their email about the bees being an invasive species triggered an influx of emails. Their care is reflected in their role as head DSP and their friendships as well. As head DSP, Zac is always the first one to help cover someone else’s shift when they cannot make it and never asks for their shifts to be covered back. As for friendships, Zac has grown extremely close to “The Laundry Gang,” the best friends that they made when pulling an all-nighter to do laundry together on the summer peccary trip. Always being a supportive figure and taking time to understand where others come from, Zac shows a genuine care for their friends. Their actions are quiet and can often be overlooked, but that is part of the beauty of Zac. They never ask for anything in return for their act of caring. As Zac heads off to Carleton College in the fall — studying environmental sciences they will miss their gardens and “The Laundry Gang,” but it is a comfort to know that Zac’s quiet kindness has affected so many at Webb and will continue to impact many more during his future adventures at college. 

Zac introduced me to his group of friends when I hadn’t found my people yet. It was Zac that helped me find my place at Webb.

— Emilia Bordage (‘23)

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