Photos by Karen Chen (‘23), Jordon Sun (‘23), Jasmine Wan (‘23), and Aidan Yeung (‘23). Edited to fit crop by Noelani Chock

Four seniors at Webb demonstrate their artistic talents in their own unique ways. Through painting, film, music, and digital art, they enjoy living through their passions.

Media spotlight: how students live through art

From brushstrokes on a blank canvas to the sounds of keys on a piano, art serves as an outlet for experimentation and comfort. Art gives people boundless opportunities to let their mind wander and create without discrimination and rules, and this philosophy attracts young minds to forge their own path in the art world. Unlike other subjects or genres, art has a certain freedom where at times, it seems like there are no instructions to follow, no specific dates and names to remember, and no word limits to reach; art allows a certain freedom that makes it addicting to pursue.  

When we put our heads down and work on a piece, we let our subconscious take over. As a fan of surrealism, I agree that our subconscious makes the best decisions when it comes to art, no matter how ironic it sounds. When we do not think and trust ourselves to let our hands, minds, and voices work, art truly becomes something special.  

Although I enjoy the philosophy of surrealism, there are countless other forms and ideals to follow in the art world. Paint, music, film, and digital art are four different genres that define art in their unique ways.  

At Webb, there are many talented students pursuing their own journey in art, and I had the opportunity to delve into their personal art worlds.  

Digital Art

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