Unbounded Days 2018

From February 21 to 25, Webb students embarked on adventurous journeys of discovery, activism, collaboration, and fun! Students sailed, hiked, swam, biked, and ran all in pursuit of an experience unique to Webb that expands students’ abilities to think and reflect. By the end, they realized the true unbounded nature of their minds and the copious learning opportunities that exist everywhere. Find some of the trips below.

LA Multicultural Adventure
Catalina Island: History, Science & Culture
Compose Yourself!
Survival Skills 1.0
Notes from the Cultural Underground
Cinematic Los Angeles
Socal Marine Scene: Snorkel, Surf & Science
Muirely A Hike
Ghost Hunting and Divinations
Women’s Activism: Then and Now
Optimizing Athletic Performance
WWII: A Southern California Experience
Art of Video Games