Justin Martin

Students were tasked with building a lean-to shelter with a bed big enough to fit two people. Cayden Lazier and Bryan Wei volunteered to test the functionality of the shelter.

Survival Skills 1.0

I was surprised by how much the experience of Survival Skills 1.0 impacted me and it is something I will never forget.

— Aspen Helgeson ‘20

The Survival Skills 1.0 unbounded trip was largely affected by the snowfall throughout the excursion. The program was held in Warner Springs, about a three hour drive from Webb. The instructor for the program was Joel van der Loon, a specialist in bushcraft survival. During the program, students learned about the four key components for survival: shelter, fire, water and food. The students built shelters, attempted to make fire in the snow, identified edible plants and determined how to find potable water in the wilderness. Despite harsh weather conditions, all the participants kept up a good attitude and morale was high throughout the trip.

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