Summer Chen

The Bubblegum Alley located in downtown San Luis Obispo is an alley that welcomes tourists to stick their pieces of chewed gum on the two 15ft by 70 ft walls.

Notes from the Cultural Underground

The best part of the trip was exploring a subculture I never would’ve encountered on my own.

— Sonia Malik ‘18

Home to a hundred permanent museums and galleries as well as dozens of interim exhibitions, Los Angeles is filled with sites and locations that elaborate on the abundance of histories and struggles undergone by the people of the area. On the Unbounded Course Notes from the Cultural Underground, the group of students, Dr. Atterholt, and Dr. Maxon, went on a three day culture crawl, exploring the myriad of cultures that LA holds. The cultural underground of Los Angeles celebrates thoughts and people that are “outside the box” and addresses topics of controversy and fading history. The students visited The Last Bookstore, The Madonna Inn, Bubblegum Alley, Wacko, The Ghebaly Gallery, watched the Claremont Colleges’ Roller Derby practice, and ate at Hamburger Mary’s. This course urges students to observe the world around them and to think mindfully.

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