Oren Wei

Oren Wei, also known as Dr. Wei, will attend Johns Hopkins University next year. After college, he plans to attend medical school to finally fulfill his nickname. Oren is a leader on campus, serving as a head prefect and an associate of the debate team. His interest in debate can be reflected through his favorite shows: “Suits” and “House of Cards.” In the dorms, his role as a head prefect allows him to work with others and learn responsibility; in debate tournaments, Oren stays aware and perceptive, leading to his success in his four years of debating. During breaks, Oren has embraced the travel opportunities that Webb offers to travel to Peru and Cuba- places that he would have never set foot in otherwise. Oren will miss the comforting community that he’s grown to love, but is excited to leave behind the strict rules for boarders- and might even leave campus for more than six hours at a time!

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