Elizabeth Lee

You may recognize Elizabeth Lee by all the different pictures of food she posts on her Snapchat story. This self-proclaimed “foodie” can be found in the dining hall on the daily, or in the Hutches, where she is a dorm councilor. She loves the positive energy from the community of her dorm so much that she has lived in North Hutch for three out of her four years at Webb; she also loved setting up and taking down the haunted house, where she got to scare people and watch them enjoy themselves. At school, she may seem quiet, but her happiness radiates all the way to Jones, where she spends time with her best friends and messes around laughing about “things that aren’t funny.” This is true to her motto of “going with the flow,” leading her on adventures such as relaxing getaways off campus to the Claremont village and Los Angeles. Her next stop in “the flow” is studying Neuroscience at the Liberal Arts Program at Emory University.

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