Stephen Li (’21)

November 30, 2018


What do you like about photography?

It’s just something I like. It helps me relax, and it’s really satisfying when I get a good shot and I’m able to share it because only around 40% of my photos are publishable. I love having photos because it’s a great way to keep memories of the places I visit.

What is your creative process?

Sometimes my work is spontaneous, like when I take morning walks with my dad in Beijing to local parks, but often my shots are planned. When I travel to a new place, I research locations and talk to people who have been there in order to get the coolest images. For editing, I not only edit the technical aspects of the photo like exposure, I sometimes try to bring out specific emotions from an image by changing colors or even the composition of the picture in Photoshop.

Do you think Webb gives you enough opportunities to make and share your art?

I think so, Journalism allows me to share plenty of photos, and Mr. Nichols has offered me and several other photographers the opportunity to showcase our work on Webb’s Flickr page. I do wish the Art Club hosted more art cafe events this year.

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