Maya Jaffe (’20)

November 30, 2018


How did you make this piece?

I sketched the design ahead of time over a few weeks, but I was unsure about the colors, so I decided to pick them on the day I started the project. I was happy with the the way it turned out, but it needed something else, so with the help of Amanda Wang (‘20), I cut open the head and added the flowers.

How would you describe your art style?

Sculpting is new to me, last year I was in Media Arts so I was working mainly with photography and film, so this was my first really hands on project.

Do you think Webb gives you enough opportunities to make and share your art?

There is definitely enough opportunity to create art, but it is hard to find ways to share large pieces like mine. There isn’t really the space to make my art a part of the community.

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