Bella Biane (‘19)

December 1, 2018


How did you make this piece?

I had come up with these characters a while ago, and I started to associate them with different colors and personalities. I love to work with color, and this piece was a combination of me wanting to paint and also my interest in free flowing ink. The ink led to these four different sections, and I decided to use them to tell a story.

Do you think Webb gives you enough opportunities to make and share your art?

Yes and no. I love Art Cafe, and the health center has given us opportunities to create projects for display there, but at the same time I think there should be more Art Cafes and places to exhibit our work. I appreciate the way the theater department works really hard in the build up for one event, but we are in the studio creating work all year round, and it would be nice to get some more recognition.

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