A preview on winter sports at Webb

At Webb, all students are required to participate in an afternoon activity each day after school and to play at least one sport a year. Throughout the school year, there are three different seasons (fall, winter, and spring) that all offer their own set of sports and activities. Currently, Webb is in the middle of the winter season, one of the busiest because of the five different sports it offers. Following the tryouts, the practices, and the exhibition games from November, the winter season sports have begun to intensify, and league games are currently the spotlight of the season.

WSC Wrestling
WSC Varsity Basketball
WSC JV Basketball

WSC Frosh Basketball

Sam Annunziato, Editor of Sports

Frosh Basketball, similar to JV, is often used a developing stage for freshmen and sophomores to prepare for upcoming seasons at the JV and varsity level. Players get ample minutes to acquire game experience, as well as long practices that take place three times a week and are aimed to develop both team and individual skills. Freshman guard Brian Yeung (‘22) says that “a regular day of practice...

VWS Basketball
WSC Varsity Soccer
WSC JV Soccer
VWS Varsity Soccer
VWS JV Soccer
VWS Water Polo