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Sunny Yu

Students spend their free blocks working in the South Hutch lounge and staying on task.

Get organized and make a plan

In order to get enough sleep, it is important for us to become organized learners and plan makers. Students naturally have more sleeping time when things get done faster; as a result, the ability to focus and be on task is crucial. Ways to be organized vary from person to person, but the idea is the same – understand when and where to start, and students will be able to complete the seemingly strenuous tasks one by one.

“Usually I like to plan a lot when I am stressed,” said Leeann Shu (‘22). “I try my best to follow the plan, although sometimes it doesn’t work. From the plan, I know what to prioritize and where to start. [Making a plan] is the most realistic way to face stress.”

“I always like to keep my room clean,” said Tony Yu (‘23). “My major source of anxiety comes from a messy room. I find cleaning and organizing my room and school supplies one of the best ways to stay relaxed.”