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Sunny Yu

Kaele Cassel (‘21), Leslie Morales (‘22), and Sofia Centeno (‘22) explore the nature up at the track.

Explore nature

We become so busy and caught-up with the small things that we often ignore the beauty of nature. Nature offers many great treasures that are hard to be found elsewhere – one of the treasures is its stress-relieving character.

“I like going into the nature a lot,” said Manek Khedia (‘21). “I do not go to the beach that often, but when I do, I would go to a beach house with my friends. It is very quiet and secluded, so it is very relaxing… It is pretty nice to go into the clean water and just have fun. I also like to go to Mt. Baldy. It is very pretty up in the mountains, and I enjoy the drive up and being able to see all the snow.”