Carol Kang ('21)

Isolated bacteria from Carol’s research have different physical features which help identify them. Some bacteria have flower edges, while others are perfectly round.

Bacteria in compost

Carol Kang (‘21) spent her winter afternoon activity discovering different types of bacteria in compost. Her average afternoon started at 3:30 p.m. when she would head into the lab. She had three different samples of compost split up into jars, where she measured the levels of CO2 in each to determine which bacteria in the compost had the highest rates of cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is the process in cells that allow them to create energy. After collecting data she spent the rest of her time analyzing it before cleaning up for the day and heading out. Doing hands-on research allowed Carol to overcome her fear of worms and taught her new skills. “I learned a lot about biotechnology, since I am taking AP Chemistry I did not quite know all the skills, but I consulted Nnenna [Ochuru (‘21)] about stuff, since she is in Biotech,” said Carol. “She [Nnenna] was able to teach me how to isolate bacteria from soil and cultivate it.” Carol is excited to participate in the afternoon activity again next year. 

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