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Here are the do’s and don’ts of Zoom. Remember to dress appropriately, show up to the Zoom on time, and be prepared to learn. Do not show up late to class in pajamas.

Zoom basics for students

With the escalating Coronavirus pandemic, the switch to online learning has rocked Webb’s campus and the administration, changing many people’s way of life, including the classroom dynamic. 

Many students have questions about some of the new rules, so I got in contact with administrators for clarification.  

Rule 1: Students are still expected to attend their classes on time and dress in appropriate attire. Students are still expected to wear academic day dress and can not show up to their classes in pajamas. 

“Students are expected to attend class as if we were in live classes — unless, of course, they are abroad and outside a 4-hour time difference,” said Michael Hoe (‘04), Director of Studies. “They should be arriving to each Zoom meeting a couple of minutes ahead of time ready for classes to stay at the normally scheduled time.

Rule 2: Students are expected to treat the Zoom classroom normally as though they were at Webb. They should still be active and present, arriving on time and ready to learn. 

I would say that the guidelines we are using on Zoom are extensions of our regular classroom conduct expectations,” said Dr. Theresa Smith, Assistant Head of Schools. “Just as we wouldn’t expect students to record their in-person class, we don’t expect them to record their Zoom classes. Just as we don’t expect students to just get up and leave during an in-person class, we expect them to be present at their webcam for the entirety of their Zoom classes.”  

In the past, if a student did not adhere to these rules, they received a work crew. Many boarders and day students can remember being given the punishment of taking out the trash or kitchen duty. What will happen now? Will teachers refer to giving students virtual work crews? 

It appears that, for now, Webb students will not face Zoom punishments. Members of the community should uphold the values that we hold dear during these challenging times so that we can ensure that the classroom is a safe and productive space for everyone. 

“Since we are currently only focusing on getting our academic program up and running, it would be difficult to assign “virtual” work crews,” said Mr. Hoe. “Our hope is that our students will live by our mission and make it their goal to do everything possible to be as engaged, committed, and dedicated to their classes as they are when we’re on campus.”

Arriving to class on time, dressing properly, and treating the space the same you would treat Webb, were put in place to help students maintain a sense of normalcy despite the chaos of these times. As long as you follow these rules, you are ready to have an enjoyable Zoom classroom experience. 

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